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Cannabis Delivery Driver (Social Equity & Veteran Applicants)

Full-Times - Illinois
POSTED: 10.31.2019

We seek a cannabis delivery driver who has been adversely impacted by the enforcement of cannabis-related laws in Illinois. We are recruiting for a cannabis delivery driver that is an Illinois resident for five consecutive years of the last ten years. The ideal candidate will have served in the armed forces with honorable discharge (possessing a DD Form 214) or active duty.

Since we get extra credit for having cannabis delivery drivers that live in negatively impacted areas, we ask that before submitting a resume, please ensure you live in the correct area by going to the link below and inputting your address. This map will allow you to see if you are qualified as living in disproportionately impacted areas. This position does not start right away. Our submission will be submitted in February 2021. Operations are not expected to begin until October or November 2021.


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We seek a FULL-TIME/ ON-CALL / PART-TIME CANNABIS DELIVERY DRIVER for a future licensed cannabis transporter operation. This position will require you to be on-call and have irregular hours for pick-ups and deliveries as orders are received. The ideal candidate will have a background in high-value asset logistics. In this position, you will be a combination of a delivery driver, high-value asset logistics, and security representative. You will be transporting cannabis and cash to banks


You must: • Have a valid driver’s license; • Be familiar with GPS logistic software; • Driven a truck rated for more than 10,001 pounds; • Pass a federal background check; • Past experience in high-value asset logistics; • Must be flexible and live in the Northern part of the state. (Roles may adjust & hours change); • Drivers must have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. We would like you to look professional and be knowledgeable about security operations. We are willing to train you if you don’t have experience so don’t let that stop you from applying if interested

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