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Micro Lab Supervisor

Full Time - Michigan
POSTED: 03.04.2020


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Job Categories: Quality Control

Job Types: Full-time

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•• Inventory and order of media, reagents and supplies for the lab and maintain an up to date file for MSDS information. •• Maintain service contracts for equipment such as incubators, autoclaves, refrigerators. •• Maintain calibration records for equipment such as balances, thermometers, etc. •• Prepare Media, Dilution Bottles, Swabs •• Collect samples for required testing. •• Perform serial dilutions, plate samples according to Kraft Compendium Methods. •• Count plates, calculate plate counts based on dilutions (this includes knowing the correct counting range) •• Record results in appropriate format (log sheets, notebook, Unilab or LIMS), trend results when appropriate, and report out of spec results to Quality Manager


Education: BS in Biological Science Required/Microbiology Preferred Work Experience: 5+ years’ experience in a Microbiology laboratory required. 3+ years in a leadership role preferred Qualifications The successful candidate will have the following skills and experience: •Microbiologist (B.S, A.S.) or Biology (B.S., A.S.), with a minimum of 1 yr. experience working in a pathogen testing laboratory •• Basic knowledge of Laboratory / Microbiology Lab Safety •• Strong knowledge of micro methods required for testing targeted organisms, sample prep and plating, results interpretation/colony forming units (cfu) calculation •Knowledge of micro laboratory equipment operation •• Knowledge of environmental swabbing techniques •• Preparation of serial dilutions •• Media Prep

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