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Master Gardener Level III – LED Specialist

Full-Time - Kalamazoo, Michigan
POSTED: 01.30.2022

Job Description

A Master Gardener oversees and manages personnel to perform all the tasks necessary to grow various strains of quality medical marijuana in a large-scale indoor LED cultivation facility. Gardeners work closely with the engineering team on the implementation of first-class systems to maintain proper temperature and humidity controls for a healthy environment that eliminates the risk of mold, powdery mildew, etc.


LED Specialist Master Gardeners require a minimum of 8 years of LED cannabis cultivation experience and at least 6 years in a supervisory role to understand the day-to-day requirements of the position. Experience in the medical cannabis industry is highly desirable, but not required. Must be 21 years old and pass a criminal background check. Must provide professional references and be willing to relocate and reside in Illinois.

How to Apply

For consideration, please click the “apply now” button to upload a resume, cover letter and fill out necessary personal information.

Job Categories: Manufacturing/ Distribution

Job Types: Full-time

Salary: Apply for Salary Details. Salary commensurate with the education level completed, professional experience, and demonstrated knowledge.


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  • Autonomy and a voice in the organization
  • Competitive salary
  • Direct, operate and manage a large-scale, indoor production.
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Relocation assistance
  • Focus on LED cannabis cultivation methods


  • 8 or more years of LED cannabis growing experience
  • At least 4 years of commercial growing experience outside of cannabis
  • Track record of implmenting IPM Systems
  • Must have expereince with industrial monitoring systems i.e. Priva, Argus or similar
  • Advance knowledge of cannabis plant and genetics
  • 6 years supervisory experience
  • Extensive knowledge of organic cultivation methods
  • Horticulturist preferred but not required
  • Unblemished Background
  • Ability to present a professional image to state regulators

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