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Director of Cultivation

Contract - Missouri (Congressional districts 1, 2, and 3)
POSTED: 03.01.2020

Director of Cultivation 

The Director of Cultivation is primarily responsible for complete oversight of all cultivation facilities including correct propagation, vegetation, and distribution of all cannabinoid based medicines. The Director of Cultivation possess oversight of all Cultivation Associates and Managers ensuring that the facility is safe and compliant with OSHA and state regulations always. Additionally, this position is responsible for ensuring all company policies are upheld and all company-provided standard operating procedures are adhered to. The Director of Cultivation also provides oversight for all new research and development regarding cannabis cultivation. 

The Director of Cultivation reports to Chief Operating Officer. The Director of Cultivation is responsible for supervising all phases of cultivation operations including: regulatory compliance to Missouri’s Medical Marijuana state law regarding production, quality control, maintenance, receiving, and shipping. The Director of Cultivation is also responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training cultivation personnel. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Direct and coordinate Team Member activities, such as planting, irrigation, chemical application, harvesting, grading, payroll and recordkeeping
  • Coordinate growing activities with other departments such as, manufacturing, retail to ensure inventory needs are met always
  • Record information, such as production, cultivation management practices, to better prepare reports for Executives and stakeholders;
  • Determine procedural changes in harvesting, drying, grading, storage and shipment for greater quality, efficiency and accuracy;
  • Plan and direct development and production of plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics;
  • Assess requested needs for facility such as machinery, equipment and supplies;
  • Assure all cultivation procedures are executed properly and efficiently; 
  • Responsible for production and scheduling of all manufacturing duties, including planning from all stages and aspects of growth;
  • Maintain the efficiency of all necessary steps and procedures of the manufacturing and addresses any issues of which may arise;
  • Ensure all new employees and managers are trained in proper and preferred plant care techniques; 
  • Responsible for randomly selecting medical cannabis and send them to the external testing facility; 
  • Maintain company cultivation facility procedures;
  • Ensure all weighing and recording of data is accurate;
  • Schedule all manufacturing duties for all stages and aspects of growth; 
  • Promote employee and manager relations; 
  • Maintains and oversees the Enterprise Resource System for cultivation; and
  • Creates and develops new product development and presents ideas to Executives and stakeholders. 


  • Masters of Agriculture required 
  • Ph.D. in Agriculture (preferred) 
  • 10+ years horticultural experience in a commercial greenhouse 
  • Ability to grow and enhance the business through operational processes, employee and staff capabilities, and financial performance
  • Must be a certified pesticide applicator
  • Must be an expert in nutrient management
  • Experience overseeing daily operations of a business
  • Experience creating and refining processes for a high-growth company
  • Experience building teams and hiring/firing
  • Proven track record of strategic planning and driving revenue
  • Experienced in creating, presenting, and performing within defined annual budgets
  • Experience creating and reporting key performance indicators, weekly/bi-weekly metrics, executive summaries
  • Experienced in managing formal performance appraisal programs for Team Members, as well as identifying and developing high potential employees
  • Excellent mathematical, language and reasoning skills
  • Knowledge in all cannabis media required
  • Experience in the fundamentals of plant biology required 

The Director of Cultivation will be responsible for annual budget planning, execution, and works closely with the manufacturing team to oversee Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) increase productivity and profitability within the production operation. 


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