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Cannabis Cultivation Gardener Level I

Full-Time - Fayetteville, AR
POSTED: 03.12.2019

Job Description

A Cannabis Gardener Level I oversees and manages personnel to perform all the tasks necessary to grow various strains of quality medical marijuana in a large-scale indoor cultivation facility. Perform all the tasks in the cultivation facility including; cloning, transplanting, feeding plants, defoliation, super cropping, topping, flushing, foliar and preventative sprays, trimming, packaging, waste disposal, and inventory management for a large commercial facility. Gardeners work in close collaboration with the engineering team on the implementation of first-class systems to maintain proper temperature and humidity controls for a healthy environment that eliminates the risk of mold, powdery mildew, etc.


The Cannabis Gardener Level I position requires a minimum of 5 years cultivation experience and at least two years in both a commercial operation and supervisory role to understand the day-to-day requirements of the job. Expertise in the medical cannabis industry is highly desirable but not required. Must be 21 years old and pass a criminal background check. Must provide professional references and be willing to relocate and reside in Illinois.

How to Apply

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Job Categories: Manufacturing/ Distribution

Job Types: Full-time

Salary: Apply for Salary Details. Salary commensurate with the education level completed, professional experience, and demonstrated knowledge.


  • Manage a large-scale warehouse with a crew of 10 employees
  • Develop and/or maintain grow warehouse protocols and nutrient regiment
  • Give individual plants tailored attention based on need
  • Manage plant scheduling to project all garden needs on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule to keep the garden green and expenses low.
  • Catalogue and analyze strains and individual plants from clone to harvest
  • Clone and manage vegetation with a minimum 90% success rate
  • Execute preventative maintenance to eliminate mold, powdery mildew, spider mites, root aphids, fungus gnats, etc.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment.
  • Mastery of Ebb & Flow, DWC and Aeroponics growing methods, including an in-depth knowledge of PH; PPM and EC counts.
  • Mastery of soil growing methods including micronutrients, beneficial bacteria and nutrient implementation.
  • Working knowledge of container systems using soil and hydro.
  • Expert knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, as well as treatments.
  • Research techniques to expand knowledge of individual strains, high-yield recipes, controlled stress environments, different lighting systems and set ups.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of strains and a mastery of medicinal implementation and administration.
  • Assist state and local government auditors and law enforcement with inventory, sales and compliance audits.
  • Facility maintenance and troubleshooting as necessary.


  • 5 or more years of growing experience.
  • At least 2 years of commercial growing experience
  • 2 years supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of nutrient requirements, mediums, light requirements, temperature control, airflow, etc.
  • Knowledge of plant diseases, insects, fungi, and plant treatment options.
  • Physical aptitude and health to perform manual labor tasks required for the management of the facility.
  • Advanced knowledge of the cannabis plant and genetics.
  • Ability to provide grow resume, pictures and portfolio at interview.
  • Extensive knowledge of organic cultivation methods.
  • Horticulturist preferred but not required
  • Unblemished Background
  • Ability to present a professional image to state regulators

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